valerio pierbattista

front end web developer responsive web designer

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valerio pierbattista
front end web developer responsive web designer

Personal Information:

Professional Experience

September 2015 - Present

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Front End Developer for an ever expanding number of clients including Eni, Telepass, Treccani, Enjoy and more.

Acquired Skills

Being the first digital agency in my career and being one among the best in Rome, I've learned to be proficient in a fast-paced work environment. The great variety of work, technologies and prestigious clients involved makes it an interesting place to work in, always on the run to grant quality code on tight deadlines.

HyperTV Rome and New York
September 2013 - September 2015

Company Website


Web development of second-screen mobile applications

Acquired Skills

The great challenge I took was to introduce responsive web design in our projects. Initially the apps were optimized only for a few models of the iPhone and the iPad, it has been my concern and initiative to refactor the front-end code, by introducing new languages and tools such as Sass and Css Preprocessors in our workflow, for the two company’s flagship apps (Mediaset and Aljazeera America The Stream). This made them optimized for any device through a mixture of responsive web design, CSS3 and jQuery. Another major challenge I faced and overcome has been working with dynamic content. The company’s apps are in fact delivered to the customer that manages their content through a CMS, and in order to deliver a product that is robust and always well formatted, I closely worked with the programmers team to create a solution that grants a level of reliability high enough to sustain any unexpected content behaviour.

Neomobile Spa Rome
February 2012 – September 2013

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Development of the HTML and CSS of the web, mobile and wap pages of Neomobile’s digital products for the following company’s markets: Brazil, Spain, France, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Peru, Germany. I’ve occasionally took part in developing internal tools and projects.

Acquired Skills

Being in a very well structured company, with clear and defined work procedures, helped me grow both personally and professionally, as well as enjoying a young and international working environment. I had the opportunity to redefine the way I work in a more intelligent way. I definitely improved my technical knowledge thanks to an excellent team leader who had taught me a lot and I’ve gained a mature work vision, learning to work in team and always keeping in mind that the detail is never disconnected from a broader context. Rome
May 2009 – January 2012

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Graphic and Web designer

Acquired Skills

In this small yet expanding company, I had the opportunity to turn my passion for the web in a job right after graduation. Being the only web designer in the company I have often dealt with the whole process of development for our customers, from site requirements to graphics, code, and deployment, and I was occasionally joined by in-house programmers and web marketing and SEO specialists.


Web Development Languages

  • Html
  • Css
  • Sass (.scss) + LESS
  • Presentational Javascript/Jquery
  • Markdown

Graphic Design Softwares

  • Photoshop
  • Sketch

Code Editing Softwares

  • Aptana/Eclipse
  • Sublime
  • Atom

Version Control System

  • Git (+ Github and Bitbucket)
  • SVN


  • Grunt
  • Jekyll
  • Parallax Scrolling (Skrollr)
  • Responsive Web design
  • Cross-Browser compatibility on desktop and mobile


  • Windows
  • MAC

Vision and Methodology

Continuous learning and improvement

I believe that the foundation of a good developer is a constant desire to learn and follow the new trends. I am an avid reader of web related blogs and the topics I read about may not exclusively relate to my area of expertise, as I’m also very interested in web performance, user experience and usability. Some of my daily readings include:When I have some spare time I also like to help other developers solve problems on StackOverflow.


I prefer to prototype directly in the browser, supported by graphic files that target the general look and feel of the product rather than working with a static high-fidelity photoshop mockup. Prototyping is a very important stage tied hand in glove with product requirements, customer expectations and design.


I believe in a content-centered design, which anticipates the user's expectations and that is simple in appearance, but offers effective and familiar interactions. As often said: content is king.


The code must be reusable, dry, legible and well organized. There are many ways to achieve a goal, I choose the shorter and more elegant one. I carefully avoid redundancy, I worry about performance and best practices, and I always have a broad understanding of the context. I’m never focusing exclusively on the detail but always trying to imagine how a given piece of code could get modified in future implementations and how I can make it agile and easily interpretable by my future self, or other developers.

Other Interests

I love art, music and cinema. I pursued a career in art and music in the past and now I keep these passions for my free time. I also love video editing, painting, traveling and playing musical instruments. I firmly believe that a broad and multidisciplinary artistic vision has a positive impact on my work as a developer. Music Art Video Editing