Valerio Pierbattista
Front end web developer



BoxTent is a frontend workflow that gives you the infrastructure to build your next website prescribing web development best practices to deliver a state of the art product to your users. With the help of Grunt and Bower, BoxTent automates your workflow and takes care of assets optimization, concatenation, minification and much more.



Personal Online Résumé

I wanted to experiment with parallax scrolling animations and as my résumé was outdated, I decided to build an interactive one for the web. It was featured on (one of my favourite websites) and on many others.

html, css, js, responsive web design, graphic design, parallax scrolling animation

C'è la partita domani a Roma?

This web app tells you if there's a soccer match in Rome the next day (or the same day). This is useful because the Olympic Stadium in Rome is right in the city center, and each time there's a match, a whole part of the city is jammed in traffic. This service is for those who don't follow soccer and don't know when the next match will be but want to get organized in advance.

concept, graphic design, html, css, responsive web design



WUTsapp is a small web app created in collaboration with Patrizio Munzi, and it's a collection of funny chat conversations. I've created the graphics, the concept and I've recreated the Whatsapp interface with HTML and CSS. The source is on Github and contributions are very welcome.

html, css, graphic design, responsive web design


Drunk UX

This vital tool will help you evaluate the UX of your website while under the influence.

html, css, js, responsive web design, concept, graphic design


Ohmyboot Clothing

This is a landing page for a new t-shirt brand which promotes clothing products completely Made in Italy. A set of t-shirts designed to promote and celebrate some of the most iconic characters and masterpieces that made Italy such an important landmark in the world's cultural landscape.

html, css, js, responsive web design

hypertv christmas

HyperTV Christmas Card (2014)

We wanted to create something special and creative for HyperTV's 2014 Christmas card, not the same old html email. Working with the UX and Graphic Design team, we developed this interactive parallax scrolling christmas card for our clients to wish them a Merry Xmas and a happy 2015.

html, css, js, responsive web design, parallax scrolling animation

aljazeera the stream

Aljazeera The Stream

It's the second-screen app for the american/english show The Stream where editorial producers create synced content live while the show is airing. This gives audience members a chance to voice their opinions on underreported news stories from around the world. Recently named Outstanding Talk Show in the news category by the Gracie Awards, the Al Jazeera English version of The Stream has also received the 2012 Royal Television Society’s award for Most Innovative Programme of the Year and the 2012 Webby’s People’s Choice Award for News and Politics.

html and css code refactoring, front end development of in-app templates, responsive conversion of the previous fixed-width app architecture

roma radio

Roma Radio

Roma Radio is the official Radio of the Roma soccer team. This app offers a live streaming service, podcasts and live polls and quizzes about one of the most loved soccer teams in the italian championship.

html, css, js, responsive web design

Download it on Itunes or Google Play

mediaset connect grandefratello 2014

Mediaset Connect

The Connect app is a second screen app that contains different communities of some of the most famous tv shows of the Mediaset broadcaster. From Avanti un Altro, to Squadra Antimafia, Grande Fratello, L'Isola dei Famosi and the italian soccer championship and Europe League, this app offers second screen interactive content of live shows and sport events, embedded gamified mechanics and social network integration.

html and css code refactoring, front end development of in-app templates, responsive conversion of the previous fixed-width app architecture

julie grajeda

Julie Grajeda

A former colleague and a great friend, Julie created the graphics for his new website and asked me to do the coding, which I was happy and honored to do.

html, css, js, responsive web design